Here at JFX Music, we are passionate about RnB, Hip Hop and Rap. It’s the roots of what we are about. We don’t believe in mainstream hypey music that isn’t real and we support the local artists, trying to make their way to the top.

Much respect goes out to those who have made it yet stay real and true to what their message is about. Our people like Wu-Tang, Bone Thugz and various other artists who make great music and remain real.

We have created this site to celebrate the musical culture from music that is real. We believed JFX brough a new foundation and its music was represented and appreciated by all those who could relate. No sell out’s – just real music.

Our site is just that – REAL. We attempt to provide relevant information to our readers inside this site and welcome submission of any objective articles and information from the music industry and our Hip Hop World.



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